Friday, July 26, 2002

Was it ever in question that narcissists make bad lovers?
Princeton Spies on Yale . Read the Yale Daily News article. Boola boola.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger really obese? Thegovernment food cops think so. Granted, obesity is a greater problem today in America than it has ever been before. However, if the government's food pyramid wasn't the joke it is (the bottom layer/processed carbohydrate block being a payoff to big business), we would all be better off.
P.S. Ladies, don't forget to take your daily calcium (keeps osteoporosis at bay).
We knew it was coming: Obese man sues fast-food. This comes after a London lawyer sued Diners' Club because he was humiliated after his card was denied. Are there no litigation boundaries? To come: 7-11 sued for selling candy because the sugar causes cavities!
A note to mankind: Take responsibility for your actions!
I have long harped upon the ridiculousness of segregating children from adults. Dividing children into age groups leads them to believe that it is unnatural for them to relate to and communicate with those who are not their age. Segregation reinforces fads and the rotten, unnatural, pop "culture" that dominates our teen society. (Teen culture is no longer limited to those aged 13-19; this culture has reached even those 8-years-old and younger, and people often remain at the maturity level that is believed to be appropriate for teens well into their 20s and early 30s.) Government schools are one of the worst perpetrators of this segregation. If anyone finds a good article or book on this, please email me.
An article in the Washington Post today encourages parents to think about having their children share bedrooms (even if there are plenty of rooms for each to have a room of his own), in order to faciliate communication, sharing, companionship, and so on. Desegregating siblings is another way to raze the communication barrier between children and adults; and hopefully this will squish the teen years to zilch.
Couples Who Live Together Split Faster
Ladies: Don't even get me started on why it is wrong to bunk together before you have a ring and a date.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Common sense has always dictated that when a marriage isn't working, you really ought to try harder. Love is an action, so act. Now, the scientific method is also telling us that divorce is probably not the best answer to rocky times.
The clock is ticking. Let's sue Gloria Steinem!!
Wives never forget.
Coulter pens a great article on the amazing Mrs. Schlafly.